5 Brilliant Ways To Use PETS

5 Brilliant Ways To Use PETS

Adopting a dog ought to be among the most joyful occasions in a family’s life, but you will sometimes find unexpected events that may bring tears, dissatisfaction as well as heartbreak. We promote kindness, leadership and responsible pet ownership and advocate for the prevention of cruelty to animals including preventative measures for overpopulation. However, we cannot guarantee that animal will still be available when it is your turn to speak with an adoption counselor.

We give our puppies for adoption to people who can take care of them with love irrespective of breed classification. Please listen to all the wonderful volunteers and people in rescue as they are very experienced in helping you to find the perfect dog fit for you or your family.

The adoption process:¬†Those interested in giving a dog a forever home are invited to call the shelter and then answer a questionnaire. If anyone is ever thinking about adopting or fostering a pet, I highly recommend Stray Rescue of St. Louis. A Husky is one of the six or so breeds that I’ve wanted to have in my lifetime.

People come and people go, but no one has time to teach the puppy how to get along with human companions. The shelter staff are usually very knowledgeable about the animals in the shelter and willing to help you make a good selection. What: SNIFF was founded by a group of friends all with rescue pets and a love for animals.

On June 18th more than 280 local pet lovers, pet parents, animal advocates and ARLGP friends joined us at the Holiday Inn by the Bay to support Greater Portland animals in need. Small wonder that there are more animals looking for homes than there are people who want to adopt them.

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