About The Shelter

About The Shelter

Deciding to purchase a new dog or puppy is an exciting time. One of the most interesting features of their website is that you can help fund shelters by donating about 70 cents a day. I would easily boycott petfinder, except that I do not want to hurt my dogs chances of being adopted. There you will also find Advocacy Aids”- helpful health forms you can download and use for your own dog, and a collection of published articles on advocating for your pet’s health.

Once you are approved you will be notified when a dog or cat is available for you to take care of. Make sure that the rescue group knows what size of dog is best for you and how many you can take in your home. Keep in mind that these dogs spend most of their day inside their kennel and will need to run off some energy before settling down and socializing with you.

Of course, as an animal rescue person, I discourage anyone from deliberately breeding more dogs. If you adopt a dog from a shelter you must be prepared to pay about $65 ( municipal shelters) or up to $500 ( purebred rescue groups). Just as some people would only own a Corgi and others are not content without a German Shepherd, some would only take a mixed breed dog.

Pictured is Yoshi”, a kitten with F.C.K.S. that was granted sanctuary with an A Place for Cats Inc foster family. At Petfinder, you can search for pets in the following animal categories: barn yard, bird, cat, dog, horse, pig, rabbit, reptile, and small & furry.

The Animal Foundation is a large adoption center (8 acre campus!) in Las Vegas, Nevada. When the full list of points is presented, it doesn’t look to me like the email is trying to smear Petfinder, make them look bad, turn them into the bad guy, or imply that they are intentionally hurting people.

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