Adopt A Bichon Frise

Adopt A Bichon Frise

There are several animals that have no homes or people to care for them. And, it is quite heartbreaking for parents to confine their children from pets. Fortunately, there are ways to tackle this and there are pets that are best suited for allergic children. You can help by caring for our homeless cats and dogs, keeping the shelter clean, helping us raise funds, or fostering pets.

When either adopting OR buying a dog, there are very important decisions to make to determine if the dog you are getting is right for you. Adopting a dog also means that you can find a dog that has already been spayed or neutered. We have love in a variety of sizes and shapes, all of whom will provide you with a lifetime of devotion, and our trained adoption counselors will help you find the pet that’s right for you and your family.

Our mission is to give these homeless animals a second chance through our rescue, shelter, and adoption programs. Maybe even a few chew toys for the puppies and safe toys for the older dogs. If you have a cat, it might not like the ‘new addition’ to the family & an older dog might not be too keen to having a bouncy puppy around the house.

Firstly, the animal shelters all across America are full of animals, always looking for someone to take them home. Once the dogs have completed 8-10 days quarantine (so we can observe them for any illnesses they may have picked up) they stay at our shelter, Doggiewood at Ingleside in the northern beaches of Sydney or can be placed into a foster home.

She is one of our best dogs, good with humans, dogs, not tested yet around children or cats. Going the route of adopting from a Bichon Frise rescue centre can be very rewarding. You can contact your local animal shelter, or search for dog rescue organizations in your area online.

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