Adopting A Cat

Adopting A Cat

I certainly did, given my dog’s sociability, people-centric behavior, and working dog breed. To serve us better, Petfinder has cut us off from Rescuegroups and is requiring us to perform double data entry. Private and public animal shelters (“kill” and “no-kill”), humane associations, rescue groups, and even veterinarians can list pets on a number of these websites.

Last year I went to a seminar sponsored by Petfinder and Petco and Susan Green (outreach@) was adamant that Rescue Groups should keep the animals as first priority and support each other better. I did not know that our information was not going to PetFinders until they sent me a message saying I had not updated our list in 30 days.

If interested in adopting a pet from our shelter you will need to fill out a request to adopt. As per statistics from ASPCA, 5 out of 10 dogs in shelters and 7 out of 10 cats in shelters are destroyed simply because there is no one to adopt them. They also work closely with PetsMart Charities in helping find homes for shelter pets.

When you’re ready to welcome a dog or cat (or rabbit or ferret or bird ) into your home, use Petfinder as your jump-off. Surprisingly the pair had not been active in the pet adoption world before, but decided as a New Year’s resolution during Christmas 1995 that they should use their computer and internet skills to do some good.

Dogs over age two can be ideal because they have already gone through the difficult puppy and adolescence stages. It frightens me that I may not have the time to put our pets up on their site manually any more. The main feature of a good Poodle rescue centre is that you meet the dog before you commit to adopt.

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