Adopting From An Animal Shelter

Adopting From An Animal Shelter

For most people, adopting a dog is a matter of conscience. Our organisation adopts a maximum of 5 dogs at a given time, especially because many of the dogs that come to us need to be given a lot of medical care in the beginning, and also because we don’t have shelters and have to keep these dogs in foster homes,” said Hayley Strifler, an Australian national and owner of the charity DSDP.

The rules and regulations that adoption agencies have are very stringent and must be adhered to. Our articles will help you out with information on dog adoption; what to expect, how to handle it, and how to make sure your dog is happy in his new home.

Be sure to ask the animal rescue group for a tour of the premises so you can examine the conditions your potential dog has lived in. The conditions of the facilities should also be examined but animal rescue groups aren’t subject to the same type of state or local inspection that a shelter is subject to. Ask the manager or owner of the rescue group if they are incorporated as a non-profit in your state.

Our mandate is to bring dogs into our rescue of all breeds, ages and needs and provide them with a safe foster home, all the vetting they need, as much food as they can eat, and all the love they deserve with the eventual goal of them being adopted to their forever homes-free of neglect, abuse, pain or suffering.

The pain of not having him here was so great that Tony and I decided to begin volunteering for Stray Rescue of St. Louis My hope is that by fostering these little souls who don’t have a home, I can make their lives better in honor of my beloved friend Buddy — to continue his legacy and help others find best friends just as I did.

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