Good for you in choosing to adopt a Pug rather than buy a Pug puppy! These actions mean that thousands of organizations won’t be able to use their service to update their Petfinder pet list and will have to do so manually, as an extra step. This need created a market for new devices to track and locate pets. You need to pay adoption fee, food, litter and vet care.

Since you claim to have a better solution” than what I currently have available through RescueGroups, I would like you to explain to me what you offer to help me manage my shelter. Make sure the puppy has been adequately socialised with people of varying ages and other animals, including other dogs.

However, Petfinder has stated clearly to us and our users that they are not willing to do business with and that accepting data from us to save more pets does not fit their business model. Each shelter that is a member of the site is given their own page within the site, and it is their staffs who keep the list of pets up to date.

Shelters and Vet’s could scan the chip and gain information about the pet. You can also help lessen some of the suffering in the world by choosing to adopt your next dog rather than buy a puppy. Consider making a donation to our shelter to aid in the rescue and placement of homeless and abandoned animals in our community.

People should learn, teach and practice obedience lessons on their dogs. Other more common pet adoption services are usually in the form of pet rescues, adoption groups, and animal shelters. As far as I know, Petfinder (and their parent company Discovery Communications, LLC owner of Discover Channel, Animal Planet, etc.) have not stated any other reasons for rejecting updates from RescueGroups.

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