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Balkan Underdogs Blog

To adopt a puppy is not an easy thing as you have to try and adapt to the puppy’s lifestyle and also adjust your way of life so that you can have an easy and happy time with the puppy. The foster homes and owners of the kennels take the time to get to know and understand the dogs, thus when you adopt from a rescue, the foster family or kennel workers can tell you all about the pet you seek to adopt. Most rescue dogs aren’t there because of behavioral issues, many of them are there at no fault of their own.

You can find some beautifully unique dogs in rescue. So your purse will thank you as quickly as the dog whose life you save when you adopt. I decided to dedicate this blog to abused animals and informing people on how to adopt them. She later moved to a different foster home as there was an offer of adoption but sadly soon after she was diagnosed with epilepsy.

And since these animals have been previously owned, pet shelters can ensure that these pets are safe and have received all of their vaccinations and have been spayed or neutered. If an adopted animal and your current pets could not work things out, you might still be approved.

Matching a dog, and a breed, to you and your family is a service that is unique to rehoming centres and can ensure that you get exactly the right dog for you. When you adopt a dog from an animal shelter, there won’t be any health surprises. If your dog is not old enough at the time he is re-homed, come with a voucher for neutering later on. Dogs that are rehomed are often potty trained, identify and respond to commands, and require less attention than a new puppy.

Maybe even a few chew toys for the puppies and safe toys for the older dogs. Beyond the medical care, shelters provide education about how to care for pets, how to introduce your new pet to your other animals, how to deal with behavioral problems, etc., so you also get an entire support system for free.

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