January 18, Holland, MI-police officers shot and killed a Pit Bull after it entered a neighbor’s yard and attacked their family pet. It simply makes the case that this impasse between the two organizations is hurting a lot of rescues needlessly and that they should figure out a way to get past it for the benefit of everyone involved, most importantly the pets. The ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals) is a major organization in the United States that is committed to educating the public about population control (spay-neuter) and hosts the Animal Poison Control Center.

Breed rescues pull dogs from shelters every single day all over the country, and many are left behind because they have no room for them. So if you are wanting to get something like Golden Retriever, a Labrador, a Boston Terrier, or any other type of dog, and you don’t want to pay the high fees from a breeder, try the shelter.

They take care of abandoned dogs as well as prepare puppies for an adoption process. Oftentimes shelters are just too busy to list their dogs online. The ‘warm and fuzzy’ feeling you will get from adopting a dog, who would otherwise have an ‘uncertain’ future, will last a lifetime.

Orphans of the Storm® is a no-kill facility; a dog or cat will have a place at the shelter until they find their new home. Once rescue organizations begin to drop Petfinder services the message will be clear. Kim Saunders, the head of shelter outreach for the Web site believes that black dogs are overlooked because they don’t photograph as well as lighter colored animals.

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By Hathor