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Dog Health

Looking for a virtual pet? A number of smaller pets that require minimal care and are just as rewarding as other animals for the right person are often available for adoption at animal shelters or rescues. She has now been at Monikas Doggie Rescue for almost 4 months which is a long time for a puppy who is ready for her forever home.

ADULT DOGS (over 6 months.): $350. On the other hand, if you are looking for a pet that does not require making a lifetime commitment, a pet rabbit may be a good choice for you. This makes adopting an older dog from a Bichon Frise rescue centre a good option if you are not prepared for the demands of caring for a puppy.

A dog without proper housebreaking is not the fault of the dog; it is the fault of the people who did not spend the time to train.” Typical life situation: Cute puppy, family loves the puppy, brings the puppy home. Not all adult dogs are turned over to the shelter because they are problem dogs.

Pets thrive on routine, and consistency is perhaps the most important aspect of training, especially when it comes to housetraining a dog. Enter your e-mail address, and we’ll send you a message each time we list new dogs and cats for adoption. You sign their adoption contract and pay their adoption fee (usually ranges from $100 to $300 but sometimes more).

A great recommendation would be to adopt from a Rescue Shelter. So your purse will thank you as quickly as the dog whose life you save when you adopt. One of the biggest benefits of adopting a shelter animal is that the fee to adopt the pet is far less than anything a breeder or pet store will charge.

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