Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehab

Feline Urgent Rescue & Rehab

In the last 10 years, pet adoption websites have skyrocketed in popularity and are now the most common way that people find their next best friend. After four hours in the store, we adopted one dog to a store employee and a cat from a different rescue group. When pet shelters and animal control were created we had a place we could go to look for our lost pets. I usually only take out one dog at a time, unless they’re already kennelmates, so I only see them interact with other dogs with a fence between them-which isn’t always the best way to determine how they get along.

Puppies and full breed dogs (no papers) have an adoption fee of $100. Given the incredible number of visitors coming to Petfinder each month, we felt an obligation to allow them to assist you financially through the Web site, particularly in times of disaster – and the Foundation was created.

The AKC offers registration to dogs who show all of the breed traits so that they may be shown at AKC sponsored events – as long as they have been spayed or neutered. Several times I pointed people towards as a good resource to find a dog of a specific breed.

Not only can you find a great puppy or adult through this type of organization, but you can also rescue one who might otherwise end up in a shelter. By the way, Richard and the Rescuegroups family do a great job and have my support all the way. Unfortunately, with any upsurge in popularity of any dog breed many wind up in shelters or are abandoned.

I can only assume from you statement in the first paragraph that you have some disagreement with RescueGroups over whether or not they are a legitimate animal management shelter software provider”. A good Siberian husky rescue centre wants to place dogs in forever homes, not one that’s just going to stick him in a shelter in a few months after the excitement of a new dog wears off.

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