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So I have this habit of going on Petfinder late at night and staring longingly at all the dogs that in some alternate universe (one that involves me and infinite bundles of money) I would adopt. Many of these animals at rescue organizations and shelters did start out as purchases from a pet store or breeder, but were surrendered due to lack of time, or the owners moving, lack of money, having a baby, children allergic, developing allergies, dog jumps up on children and they take the easy way out of giving the dog away or selling instead of investing time and energy that the animal deserves to train them to be a more balanced member of the family; or just a lack of time or desire to train, even for people without children, etc.

We see no benefit to engage in mud-slinging; instead, we rely upon you to recognize that the Petfinder business model has always been and still is to do what is best for adoptable pets – and to continue to bring the maximum potential adopters to view them.

Petfinder did not ‘Just’ stop working with Rescuegroups, they told RG 2 years ago they could not import to PF. The fact that RG found a way to sneak into the system rather working around PF rather than work with PF just proves how dishonest they are.

So, sorry, but people with an any cat will do” mentality are the reason cats end up in rescues to begin with – I want the cat that I like, that I find appealing, that is right for me, that I can either predict or mold the behavior of – I don’t want the cat that gets shoved down my throat.

I find it interesting that Petfinder now claims that all their IT personnel and their own website postings are incorrect, and apparently they are not sending a correct automated response; In fact, using the word legitimate” is an inflammatory word to use as it has the implication that RG is illegitimate, and that is quite the accusation to make.

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