When you have a large variety of gourmet dog treats made available in the market, rest assured you are bound to be confused. The question to ponder upon would be how to choose a good dog treat. You might be skeptical about the quality of dog treats. Rest assured that you would be required to choose the healthiest option available to meet the specific needs of your dog.

Find below a few vital tips for choosing healthy dog treats.

  • Go through the ingredients

The foremost aspect to look for in dog treats would be the ingredients. Do not ignore the ingredients, as the package displays dog treats. It would be imperative to mention here that treats play a vital role in the diet of your dog. Therefore, you would look forward to offering all-natural or organic kangaroo tendons. They should be manufactured with all organic and natural ingredients. Consider looking for treats manufactured using single-source proteins such as beef or chicken. The initial few ingredients would be imperative and make up the bulk of the treat. Ensure that it does not entail fat or sugar that is not deemed good for your dog.

Consider looking for a by-product inclusive of chicken or meat by-product. It would be that part of the animal not deemed suitable for human consumption. However, these would often be seen in several dog treats and dog foods. If by-products are not considered good for human consumption, the chances of them not being deemed good for dogs would be higher.

  • Calorie count

Ensure that you look at the calorie count in the treat. Rest assured that an overweight dog is not considered healthy. You might pay more on vet bills during the later stages of life if your dog indulges in fatty treats. Numerous dog treats emphasize calorie count. As a result, dog treats such as Kangaroo Liver are low in calories and fat.

  • Texture

This might not be deemed imperative. However, calorie count and ingredients have more significance when it comes to choosing a healthy or organic dog treat. It would be worth mentioning that the texture of the dog treat would be imperative when choosing an organic and healthy dog treat. A more hard or firm dog treat would be relatively better for the dental health of your dog as compared to a soft treat.

When dogs chew on a hard treat, they would reduce the development of plaque around their teeth. The senior or older dog might have a relatively difficult time with hard treats. In such a case, consider providing your dog with a softer treat.

Regardless of the treats you give your dog, a vital aspect to consider would be the ingredients. It would be worth ensuring that the treats are manufactured from organic or natural ingredients without any by-products. It would be in your best interest to look for a bite-size treat that is considerably lower in calories and manufactured using natural ingredients. The overall health of your dog would benefit from healthy, wholesome dog treats in the long run.

By Hathor