Meet The Gang

Meet The Gang

Adult survivors of emotional child abuse have only two life-choices: learn to self-reference or remain a victim. Then Hole was looking up at me with those big, strangely innocent blue eyes as he started to suck my dick, and I was in love. If the adult seeks therapy and healing from an abusive childhood, the adult child can break the emotional abuse cycle and not perpetuate the abuse with their own children.

Hence, the abused child who grows up to be an adult who denies having been abused has the greatest risk of becoming an abuser. Or I could tell you about how Hoover discovered he really liked sucking dog dick, and he wound up blowing Boomtown pretty much any time no one else was using either one of them.

An emotionally abused child who does not, as an adult, face the truth of their childhood is in great danger of repeating the cycle of emotional abuse with his or her own children. Most kids won’t even remotely resist sucking a cock; there’s something instinctive about wanting a dick in your mouth for nearly everyone, and Punk was no exception.

The adult child will have a hard time slowing down, at first. In some cases, adult children will find healing, and they will eventually find new ways of communicating with their parents that is healthy. Then I got the tables set up inside and the cards and poker chips set out… all night poker games, with young cum holes sucking our dicks and providing ass service as necessary during hands, were another fixture of 4th of July weekends at the cabin.

Cookie Monster was crying and had been since he’d taken his first dick up his ass for the day about twenty minutes before, and I liked that, so I had a good cum in him after about five minutes of deep fucking. Further, the Leftist media, like the New York Times or the New Yorker, judiciously ignores (or excuses) regressive Leftism, or, in the case of Sarah Jeong , promotes it (see my next post).

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