Metairie Humane Animal Rescue & Adoption

Metairie Humane Animal Rescue & Adoption

Pet adoption just might be the best thing you can do for yourself and your family So many pets are homeless these days. Another place to check if one does not feel comfortable contacting the police is a website that can help locate a local animal care organization. Southern Indiana Animal Rescue, (S.I.R), is an all volunteer group of caring individuals dedicated to saving companion animals whose lives are in jeopardy.

Another BIG question before adopting a dog is – will you and your family have time for a puppy. You can contact your local animal shelter, or search for dog rescue organizations in your area online. All of us have worked very very hard to save pets’ lives, and this is the thanks that Petfinder gives us. No way.

Between Petfinder and Rescuegroups. Well, thanks a lot PetFinder for ruining the best setup that has ever happened for animal rescue groups. In spite of this Nix is a happy little guy who adores people and other cats and dogs. Many shelters offer no natural lighting, making it hard for the face of a black dog to stand out.

So when your pets are entered into the Petfinder system, they are available on all the sites Petfinder sends data to, and Rescuegroups can access the data and still send it to the sites they export to, as well. 1. The adoption listing web sites (Petfinder’s direct competitors) have not agreed to place Powered by Petfinder” credit on their web site.

I remain hopeful that all rescues south of the Mason-Dixon Line boycott Petfinder permanently. Posting your pets directly into Petfinder will allow you to be sure that they are seen by the 5.2 million visitors we bring to see them each month, as well as by all the visitors to the other sites powered by Petfinder data.

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