Some people are attracted to the novelty of owning an exotic pet. Hedgehogs, unlike cats, dogs, or rabbits, spread no dander. They are definitely not inside animals. According to the law, those who illegally buy or sell endangered animals in the UAE, if caught, will face a fine of between Dh10,000 to Dh50,000 and a prison term of six months.

Plenty of people would positively relish the chance to have a few pets, but can’t because of allergies to feathers and fur as well as similar things. Just like someone is responsible for their dog, snake owners and exotic owners are also responsible for their animals.

If Everyone had to give their animals up Zoo’s could not take them all in and they can not be released back into the wild as most are captive bred and can’t even survive in their natural environment. Tigers like this one will no longer be legally treated as captive house pets in West Virginia.

I am angry, frustrated and weary of having to destroy animals that can be kept very successfully in captivity with a little bit of preparation, initial outlay of financial investment, research and common sense. This might be less of a concern for breeds that can’t be mistaken as local wildlife (arctic and fennec) but are still just as important for identification, just as it is with other domestic animals.

In addition to the behavior dangers of owning an exotic pet, there is also a risk of contracting disease from them. If an exotic pet escapes, many people make the mistake of trying to run. If you rent or lease property, even if cats and dogs are allowed, do not automatically assume that ferrets are also included on the list of allowed pets.

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