The PETS That Wins Customers

The PETS That Wins Customers

Dogs and puppies are so irresistible to a lot of people but sometimes adopting a new dog is not such a good idea. Many people though, when looking for a new pet, prefer to buy from a breeder or pet store rather than adopt. Adopting a dog is a big decision. It also tells you the numerous benefits that pet adoption can have, not only for the animal, but also for you. To get in the Christmas spirit we spoke to Ann Burrows, 56, who has adopted a whopping nine dogs, three of which were from the BU kennels.

This great little dogs nature in kennels was very gentle and timid girl and her experienced foster mom will undoubtedly help her to blossom. For example, people may want a direct descendent of a dog that has won all sorts of competitions and awards. What few people appreciate though is that an older dog is much more rewarding, and easier to take care of. Obviously, the downside is they may not to be with us for as long.

People who work in animal rescue are doing it for the love of animals, they’re not out to make a quick buck. In the case of pet store puppies that answer is often a puppy mill, where dogs live crowded together in cages and never get to romp on green grass or see the fresh air.

Also, the animal shelter or breeder might not give some of the newer vaccines like Lyme disease so you can opt to have your vet do this if it is desired. Some breeds like a poodle, some terriers, the bichon fries and the Portuguese water dog are often the best choices for children with allergies.

You may be wondering why a breeder would not pull two dogs from completely different blood lines. MYTH-Only mixed breed dogs are available at shelters. One of the major challenges in adopting a homeless dog is not knowing its background. As you consider where to adopt your new pet from, keep in mind the major differences between each adoption center.

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