The trend of the pet store in e-commerce in Spain

The trend of the pet store in e-commerce in Spain

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Within the new trends for virtual stores, there is a niche market that stands out today and is growing exponentially: pet stores. According to, more and more Spaniards choose to adopt or buy a pet.

That’s why today we want to talk a little about e-commerce carried out by stores that offer services and products for pet care, no matter how exotic they may be. This is a fairly large market that was previously considered a luxury, but since more and more people no longer see pets, but family members, the demand for products for their care and recreation has increased, according to petclic. It is even anticipated that it will have much more potential than it currently has.

The potential market

In the beginning, we know that to have a virtual store, it is necessary to consider the market to which we want to sell. In this case, your market will not be the final consumer of your product, because a pet cannot be bought in your store, so it must be clear that the profile of your potential customer is that of a person who loves the pet. company and be like one more member of your family.

In this case, the person who buys in your virtual store will not receive benefits from the product directly, because he is not the final consumer, but he must be satisfied with the benefits that he can offer to the pet.

The potential owner of an online pet store

They say that it must partially reflect the personality of the people who promote it, and in this case, it is essential that it be so. Some people like to dress well and share their fashion tips through their products. Therefore, this business option is recommended only to people who love animals and understand the place they occupy in a house, to convey that thought to their potential customers and thus generate empathy.

It is necessary to know the animal care and welfare sector and want to cope with research in this regard, which is why most profiles of online store owners include veterinarians, animal rescuers, owners of one or more pets, etc.

The analysis you need to perform to have a pet store

If you already have potential customers and meet the profile of the owner of an online pet store, it’s time to do three analyzes to tell you how the market you’re facing is going, what people are already immersed in doing so, and how you can prepare to participate in the competition.

The competition’s analysis. Although this sector has indeed had good and bad times, it is not expected to disappear. On the contrary, it is considered to be a promising future, and it can be seen that there is a boom in the magnifier and the product sold in online stores, but also in physical stores. So, when analyzing competition, you should consider:

  • Virtual and physical stores, with products similar to the ones you are going to offer.
  • Veterinarian, where you can request the recommendation of your product directly between the doctor and the patient.
  • Supermarkets or department stores, where they may not sell products as specialized as the ones they intend to offer but produce them for pets.
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