What is an Accounting Consultant

What is an Accounting Consultant

Companies need financial statements that are neatly arranged and in accordance with accounting rules. Having neat financial reports will of course provide a lot of benefits for the company. Therefore, currently many companies are using the services of accounting consultants to make it happen.

So what is an accounting consultant? Surely there are still many people who do not understand the meaning of the accounting consultant. So what is meant by an accounting consultant is an individual or a legal entity that has the authority to assist a company in conducting an audit of company finances.

So that it can be concluded for the understanding of an accounting consultant for a person or group that provides accounting services to provide accounting services to their clients. The main task of accounting consulting services is to assist companies in carrying out audit processes and company finances.

every existing company certainly can not be separated from the activities and needs to calculate. Calculations in the financial sector at the company include the calculation of losses, profits and also capital.

Whether it’s a small or large company, it is always related to accounting for management activities. Therefore it is very important for you to know about accounting consultants.

Accounting consultants are often referred to as accountants. While the parties or clients who usually use accounting services  accounting services hong kong are in fact not only from companies. There are several other parties who need the services of an accounting consultant, such as individuals, CV, BUMN, BUMD, cooperatives, legal entities from capital alliances such as PT, Firms, Foundations and several other legal entities that require accounting services in their company activities.

Not only that, there are several business fields that can use the services of an accounting consultant. Below are the types of businesses that need to use the services of an accounting consultant

1. Service Sector Companies

Companies engaged in services require an accounting consultant to maintain the smooth running of their company. In fact, the majority of companies in the service sector in Indonesia use the services of accounting consultants in their financial audit activities. The service companies referred to in this case are like advertising service companies, construction services to the media.

2. Trading Sector Companies

Usually most companies engaged in the trade sector have a large number of employees. Not infrequently there are also employees who are in charge of the company’s financial management activities. However, trading companies still use the services of accounting consultants for the implementation of their company’s financial audits.

This is because an accounting consultant is considered more experienced in financial management. Not only that, an accounting consultant is an expert who can be assigned to more specific activities. As is the case in the management of corporate accounting and management for smooth financial management.

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