Witnessing animal neglect or abuse can be a heart wrenching experience. Many Puggles end up with rescue organizations because they were adopted for their “cuteness.” While these types of dogs are extremely cute, they are also sometimes stubborn and more active than their new owners might expect. Through the website, viewers can locate many small animals, including, birds, cats, dogs and rabbits, all available for adoption.

I have a tremendous respect for the many thousands of people who invest their time, energy, and financial resources helping animals in need of a new lease on life. For example your dog may suffer from a disease that needs to be taken care of immediately – veterinary costs are sometimes very high.

While our TOS (terms of service) are standard and do mention not removing the Petfinder logo, the reality is that there are NO logos and NO advertising in the data. The time it takes to manually list them on your web site instead of simply using a subset of the data we have already entered on RescueGroups is time that I cannot spend working with the animals.

Until we are able to adopt out more of the amazing cats we have, we are unable to help these wonderful animals. That’s all we’re putting on PetFinder now as they have made it too time consuming to get our pets listed there now. This solution does not sit well with many animal-lovers and the people who work with animals.

If they went out of business because they lost access to that pet data, it would hurt the animals even more. The Muttley Crew Blog run by doggy day care service. Nix, a young black cat with a very sweet and silly personality is up for adoption through C.A.T.S. (Cats about Town Society).

By Hathor