Your Guide To Animal Cremation Services

Your Guide To Animal Cremation Services

Pets are part of the family; it is as simple as that. As is the case when we lose one of our human loved ones, we grieve the loss of a pet and want to ensure that the memorial we give it is proper and will allow us to reflect on all of the joy that our pet has brought us through the years.

For some people, this is achieved by cremating their pet and having a memorial for the ashes. If you feel this path is right for you, this guide will provide you with an overview of what you need to know about animal cremation services.

Burial Or Cremation

When a pet dies, our thoughts may first go to burying them in our back garden or we may think about a public pet cemetery. However, such a choice may not always be practical for the family. Cold climates can mean waiting for months until the ground is in a state that can be used for burial.

As well as this, if you do not dig a deep place for the burial, there is always the risk that other animals may dig up the remains, this can be devastating for the whole family and cause unnecessary trauma. Finally, if you move house, how would you feel about leaving your beloved pet behind?

For town dwellers, a public pet cemetery may be a good option. However, if it would feel more special for your pet to have its own memorial, then cremation is the answer.

Who Carries Out Pet Cremations

This can be dependent on your location. A lot of cities will have a pet crematorium that is linked to the veterinary clinic. If your town is very small, the crematorium may care for humans and pets, however will likely have separate areas for each. Your vet is the best one to advise you on this.

Do I Need To Take My Pet To The Crematorium?

If your pet has been euthanized then your vet can organize the transfer.

However, cremation is also for pets that die at home. A lot of vets will provide a mobile service where they come to your home and collect your pet and then prepare it for cremation. There are pet ambulance services and taxis.

Your vet will again be able to advise you on this.

What Is The Cremation Process?

Two types of cremation tend to be available; communal or private. Communal cremation is where the pet is cremated along with other animals. Since there are various animals you will not be able to get the ashes back.

A private ceremony means that your pet is cremated by itself so you will receive the ashes. There are cremation services that allow for a partitioned service, in this case, your pet is cremated along with others but each is partitioned off. This means you can get your pet’s ashes if you ask, however, there will likely be the remains of other animals mixed in.

If you have plans for your family to be cremated in a certain cemetery or forest you could also have your pet laid to rest there, this will keep them forever with their family.

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