The other contests were for us… who could cum the most on a slut’s face, who could fuck the longest without cumming, and who had their slut best trained on arrival… that last one didn’t involve actual sex, but instead was about making your particular fuckmeat crawl around and bark like a dog and do various gross and degrading things like drink piss and lick the other boys’ asses for them and fuck themselves with whatever appropriate objects we had handy… beer bottles, pieces of kielbasa, wooden sticks.

I wouldn’t say he was exactly happy to suddenly find himself choking and gagging as a strange man forced a nice big hard throbbing cock into his mouth and throat over and over again, and he certainly wasn’t thrilled by his first experience guzzling sperm, but he gulped most of it down anyway without even being told he had to.

His yelling turned into one long drawn out high pitched scream as I rammed my dick up into his guts, interrupted only as I grunted and thrust hard again, then one more time, driving my dick further up him each time, until finally I was buried to the root in his hot tight velvety smooth vise of a boy cunt.

I could tell you how Princess and Punk stayed under the table all day Sunday while we played poker and just sucked cock all day long, moving from one person to the next, and how they must have both swallowed a gallon of cum that day, or how Mike got aggravated with Cookie Monster because he just wouldn’t stop crying whenever someone fucked him, so he cashed out of the poker game and fucked the five year old four times over the next two hours, forcing Cookie Monster to clean his cock off and suck him hard again in between each fuck.

Does my little cocksucking girlie boy want daddy’s dick in her mouth?” I teased him. A crime against nature; kids that pretty should be shipped off to a special camp by their third birthday to get indoctrinated in basic dick handling, I think. Punk was still nursing and slurping at my dick; put a cock in his mouth these last few days and he’ll suck at it for hours, even if it’s soft.

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