Display Your Adoptable Pets On Facebook!

Display Your Adoptable Pets On Facebook!

Dogs and cats get orthopedic injuries just like we do. In fact, it may surprise you to find out that almost any surgery that can be performed in human medicine has a corresponding animal procedure for your pet. This sample will generate a list of all adoptable dogs for Liberty Humane Society in Jersey City. We encourage Petfinder to reconsider its decision to exclude RescueGroups from uploading to or downloading from the Petfinder database. Rescues also facilitate vet bills for Special Needs dogs.

Remember that getting a dog should be decision of all your family and everybody should be participating in choosing and taking care of a dog. A real dog rescue group will not offer to ship their dogs (unless it’s in the immediate area). They will not do any sales pressure tactics up front (except for “please donate to out charity” or “current news”), but usually sends you a very lengthy adoption application form.

Be sure you know what Poodle type the rescue group focuses on. They usually have adult, larger dogs, sometimes with papers. People often say they don’t see their dog’s true personality until several weeks after adoption. If you are interested in adoptions, of course they have a user-friendly search engine for their NYC Shelter or your local shelter, throughout the United States.

PetFinder is no longer the biggest source of potential adopters for our rescue anyway so that’s all they are going to get in the way of listings from us. I have to be honest, this only hurts the animals right now. While every adoption website wants to empty the shelters as quickly as possible, this one is doing what it can to help take care of the animals while they wait for their forever home.

If approved, there is a $20 adoption fee for kittens and adult cats. This would allow you to enter your pets into Petfinder, reap the benefits of doing so AND have that data sent over to RescueGroups who can further distribute it. Just pet data – in the hopes that more potential adopters will find your pets.

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