How To Raise Chihuahua Puppies

How To Raise Chihuahua Puppies

It is important to note that even though your small dog does not rank among the top ten small dogs, it does not make him a bad dog for you. Because they’re so small and cute, owners tend to treat little dogs as they would a human baby, fawning over them, picking them up and cooing, letting them sleep in laps, and just generally failing to discipline or punish them when they should be. Barking, jumping on people, sitting on furniture – things that would be punished in larger dogs – are let slide to the point where the bad behavior is tacitly encouraged by the owner and the little dog is unaware or uncaring that its behavior is unacceptable.

Although most commonly seen in puppies 5-16 weeks of age, adult “teacup” dogs can encounter this problem if not properly cared for. It is known to do well with other pets and children as well. Much can be done to turn this problem around, however, owners must first consider the role they play in encouraging this type of behaviour in their dogs.

On the other hand, if you select a dog that has already been socialized, it will be much easier for the dog to assimilate into your home and get used to being around active children. Having a dog in the house with children is challenging and should be carefully thought out.

You can read more about choosing the right toy dog breeder here. Rather, the trusted owner should pick up the Chi and introduce the family pet while they feel safe and secure. Some call them the smallest breed of dogs. However, it might not be so quick to pass these feelings on to you all of the time.

So if you genuinely care about your small dog you may like to consider buying a harness for small dogs rather than a collar. Also on my list of easy to train small dogs is the Keeshond. Dogs need to chew to maintain their teeth, and if you feed your toy dog canned food you need to buy something like rawhide bones regularly to ensure proper oral care.

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