I’m Calling Out PetFinder… AmericanBatgirl

I’m Calling Out PetFinder… AmericanBatgirl

Pet adoption is how people try to care for animals that have been abandoned, neglected, abused, lost or otherwise are homeless. Thus in 1998 the website expanded to include shelters from across the United States, and whilst Jared stayed on in his radiology work, Betsy quit as an urban forester to run the company full time. I believe the answer is nothing”, and that is why cutting off RescueGroups is hurting shelters all over the country.

I see that you are using a long title, Adoptable Pets from The Humane Society of West Texas”. But that is the situation we are in. We use PetPoint for our database management, and started that before we found out about RG. So, they used to upload to Petfinder.

Your animal’s data will then be readily available for RescueGroups and any other website to access and use on their site for FREE. The answer is for Petfinder to accept FTP uploads for all of our partners, not just the 443 organizations that were setup before May, 2007.

So, no, sorry, people with an any cat will do” mentality are the reason cats end up in rescues to begin with – I want the cat that I like, that is right for me, not the one that gets shoved down my throat. It does not offer the web site integration tools that RescueGroups does, and it does not offer the centralized, online data management that RescueGroups does.

And we will continue to share your adoptable pet data with web sites featuring pet adoption to provide maximum exposure for your pets with the least amount of effort on your part. While the dogs we had at the store today might not be a good match, or now might not be a good time for bringing a dog home, we are spreading the news that there are dogs in shelters that are well behaved, healthy, and in need of homes.

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