So, I have always wondered whether there were purebred dogs available through adoption from the Humane Society or not, since there are many pets out there who need a good home. I will not post my pets on Petfinder and will stop using their web page as my home page, which is also makes them money. But owners of ebony-hued cats and dogs praise them for their gorgeous glossy coats, great personalities and loving natures. Just at a time more and more rescues are using Rescuegroups, they cut them off.

The note said that dogs from this rescue were always at the local Petco on Saturday afternoons. Wonderfully fun names such as A New Leash on Life,” Wags to Riches,” and Fairy Dogmother Rescue,” are to be found at This is definitely the place to go in cyberspace when thinking about adopting a new pet.

We just started using the Adoption Portal, I was so excited to see it would upload to so many sites including Petfinder, and then two days later I get the notification about Petfinder. Pets that you add to your service continue to appear on over two dozen web sites like Adopt a Pet , PETS911 , and the Save a Dog Facebook application.

Because the Terms of Service (TOS) of the API require the data to remain unchanged, and with Petfinder logos and advertisements, we would be unable to send the data to any of our pet adoption partners. Many of these puppies can be adopted more affordably and more quickly than puppies from breeders, which means your puppy can join your family right away.

Petfinder is one of the most amazing things to happen to the pet rescue business. There is no other web site or adoption tool which promotes your pets the way Petfinder does. Not only do older dogs end up available for adoption, but many puppies end up in shelters as well.

By Hathor