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Leadership Articles

Taking care of small dogs can be quite challenging to many dog owners. I occasionally have trouble getting into books, but with this story, i start reading and suddenly it’s been 5 hours. If you have small dogs for pets, always remember that most of them are great around children. Indeed, it is possible to housebreak your small dog although the effort and the time you put into it will vary from one dog breed to another.

Also, taking care of small dogs, requires that you groom them well. These little dogs can be one big ball of energy, which makes them great playmates for energetic children. At the same time, prior to considering buying a harness for small dogs, it’s important that you get your dog’s measurements first.

I started reading this ’cause I saw people commenting on how great ‘Worm’ was on some forums, but so far I don’t see what’s so great about it (as opposed to Mother of Learning, which I knew I liked from the first couple of chapters). Another of the top ten small dogs is the Maltese that is great for people with allergies as he is not a heavy shedder.

Children need to be taught, from an early age, that treating a dog with love, care and respect, will in turn teach the dog to be the same. 5) You openly advertise the pet strollers for small dogs when you carry your little doggie inside it. This gives an idea to people to carry their pets carefully from one place to the other.

If they are fed dog food, small dogs need smaller sized pieces for easier chewing. Senior dogs should have the same amount of food divided into more frequent feedings. This animal is wonderful for small children and even does well where other pets reside in the household.

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