If you knew more about what fostering a puppy or dog entails, and the benefits it provides, is it something you would consider? About Us: is a free service dedicated to helping owners reunite with their lost pets, and to finding homeless—or rescued and unwanted—animals a warm and comfortable place to live. House training: Dogs that have been put up for adoption are usually house-trained, as they have been living in someone’s home – either with their previous owner or a in a foster home.

Adopting your own puppy give you total control of how behaved it will turn out. Disorders associated with specific breeds can be found in mixed breed dogs and cats, but are far less likely to occur. When it comes to pet adoption, you have a few options: You can go to your local animal shelter or humane society; visit your nearest rescue group; or answer ads that you find online or in your newspaper.

Oogy is a small puppy rescued by the police during a raid on an illegal dog fighting operation. Most of us have full time jobs and our own animals (and foster animals) at home to care for – in addition to the cats at the shelter. And then naturally there is love all animals need.

Today’s Emerald City Pet Rescue blog is going to touch on the subject or contemplation of possibly adopting a ‘bonded pair’ of animals, in today’s blog we will refer to a bonded pair of dogs. In my area a puppy adoption is $150 and an adult cat is only $60.

Another reward to adopting a stray dog is the love and companionship of the pet. Educate your friends and family about the wonderful dogs that can be found at shelters. Arizona has seen 150 dogs got lost on their way to adoption centers, and the state does not want a repeat of that incident.

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