Sugar Gliders

Sugar Gliders

Are you into unique animals? I do handle the snake when I am alone and I feel that he is very safe to handle…but at the same time I never grab his tail or his face, I know from handling experience that snakes do not like their faces touched. There is also often inadequate care for the animals that do survive long enough.

On the other hand, if you are a beginner, don’t think about acquiring Burmese pythons, red-tailed boas, tree boas or pythons, water snakes and other wild caught snakes as pets, as they can really be dangerous especially when not handled properly. As a herpetoculturist for many years myself, my belief was always that if we are to keep such animals we should strive to provide as natural a captive environment as possible for them to keep them healthy.

Despite their freaky looks, giant millipedes are easy to care for and make great pets. One action we can all take to reduce this kind of massive cruelty is to never buy pocket” pets—small animals who are often sold in pet stores If the public does not demand these pets, companies like Global Captive Breeders will not exist.

Other animals however can fly to varying degrees. They can be taken on also if you have a small residence where big pet dogs are not permitted. People were even attacked by exotic pets in some cases and received injuries and permanent disabilities, she said. Kinkajous are most active during the night so they are well suited for night owls (I mean people who stay up late – not an exotic pet reference).

I would always argue that such a breeder has been very lucky, but just because they haven’t had a visible or quantifiable problem as yet doesn’t mean there isn’t a genetic time bomb lurking just below the surface of the animals in question. However, there are sufficient cons and disadvantages of owning wild animals as pets.

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