The Process When Adopting A Dog

Every day people see stray dogs on the streets, wandering neighborhoods, and going from door to door begging for food. Saving a dog from a lonely life at a rescue shelter is great, but giving it another lonely life at your house isn’t much better. These dogs are smart, beautiful, and lots of fun to have around. I also read a lot of stories of Americans (which we aren’t but to an untrained ear I suppose could be) being looked down on and not wanted as adopters, possibly due to previous experiences of pets being abandoned by military personnel.

I say not directly since most of these dogs probably are descended from a puppy mill dog. Small breed dogs are often neglected due to some or the other reasons, or maybe because of just the myths prevailing about them. According to the Humane Society of the United States, between three and four million dogs and cats are euthanized each year because people are not able to keep their pets, shelters are not able to house them all, and not enough people adopt animals.

We foster dogs, and also help out with the rescue and transport to safe haven for other serious rescue groups. By adopting a pet from your local shelter or rescue you can fight back against puppy mills, and you can ensure that you’re not supporting their unethical breeding practices.

Besides, most of the animals that live in shelters can surely become amazing pets. About Us: We are an all breed rescue in Martintown (East of Ottawa) entirely volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to providing forever homes for abused, neglected, or abandoned animals.

But, not everyone is looking for a puppy; and it’s easy to find a housebroken adult dog at a shelter. You can check with your local pet supply stores as to when they will be hosting their next pet adoption days. Adopting a senior pet does have a lot of benefits over adopting a pup To some extent senior dogs and cats can be an ideal choice if you are looking for a wise companionship.

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