Have you considered being an animal Foster Parent? I am so disappointed with Petfinder on this- our group, like many other rescues, is a very small number of people who are all volunteer with their own full-time jobs that do rescue in their spare time”, and we can’t afford to make any update more than 1 time.

Other than doing hands on” day-to-day care—which I do want to emphasize is desperately needed since the Sacramento County Animal Care and Regulation (county shelter) received a 44{682703f0e86a31c17c7b741af4535be0c7ff2740dfce716c37844a8075a212a0} reduction in county shelter personnel due to the budget cuts—there are so many other things you can do to help the animals.

I haven’t updated our Petfinder account since this started and maybe if we all just let the animals slowly dwindle down, taking them off as they are placed, without adding any new ones, they’d eventually find they were losing popularity to the new …