The technology sector now contains such a diverse set of companies that the subsectors are far more helpful than the general one. Unsurprisingly, there is no common agreement—some pundits need a complete new sector for each innovation—but the large buckets include semiconductors, software program, networking and Internet, and hardware. The term technology sector has been broadened many occasions to incorporate companies that might be better served by a more specific class. The technology sector was initially anchored in semiconductors, computing hardware, and communications gear.

Johnson Matthey’s HyCOgen solution, along with the FT CANS technology, might help improve the provision of SAF through its efficient production at scale. Servlet is a technology which is used to create a web application. In a work-from-anywhere world, it’s never been more necessary for your teams to be connected on a shared platform that enables them to collaborate and work from wherever.

If you may …